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Tell me guys any thoughts you may have or can bring up about Robot Day 2010

Robot Day, better than Christmas?

Hey Guys,
pR0ject0r here

I've planned to start a collab called the heavy weapons collab. This Collab will focus on primarily the idea of a movement intense stick animation/animations involving any number of poor little innocent sticks, beating the living hell out of each other with, WHAT else...Heavy Weapons. Now im not willing to put up specs for this yet on account of the fact that no one has signed up, and whenever i attempt one of gets shut down. So i do have the requirements for a collab, and would love to start a pretty good one! So if your interested PM me and we'll talk. I will be replying to these responses in a week or so, and if not sooner.

I finally am of level to make a collab! Couldn't have done it without the help of you guys' views. If any one is interested, i will be looking for collab ideas on the forum, so stop by for a suggestion, and a partnership.

Finally, collab staus.

Check out this new experimental space epic from micthementalmonkey.

Project "Early Bird" is in  effect


2009-12-13 01:22:55 by micthementalmonkey


collab with egoraptor

2009-10-10 01:29:27 by micthementalmonkey

nah just kidding

To answer you question i have made these continually 1 after another so the sequel should come out in october at the latest. Its weird my good flashes always START out at like a 2.56ish for score. nd then raie over time.

awesome collab

DISTRICT 9 review

2009-08-24 21:54:03 by micthementalmonkey

I haven't seen a so-called sci-fi movie with almost no plot, depressing storyline, and disturbing just wrong scenes that made my stomach turn. I didn't know that peter jackson could make something so pointless. And it's very unrealistic that he all of a sudden will have an alien arm, and then BS that he is slowly transforming when there will be a like 5 day period and then all of a sudden he has a freaking alien eye like just pop up. i'm sorry but the only good part is when the mech f's everyone up in the tribe gang thing and the military. And it's true that the production company gave up on him for the Halo movie because he was spending to much, but then they supported him on this crap. I'm sorry Peter Jackson fanboys, but i give this movie a 2/5.

fail of the century

2009-08-21 04:50:42 by micthementalmonkey

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